Strength Vs Weakness — The two extreme points in a spectrum

Yoga Lakshmi
2 min readMay 14, 2021

In every interview, the most frequently asked question would be “Tell about your strength and weakness?”. Like how a coin has two sides, we all tend to have both strengths and weaknesses.

My Weakness

Being an introvert from my childhood, I have always been a quiet, reserved, and thoughtful individual. I always preferred writing over talking. But this didn’t turn out well in my first job, where I am presumed to communicate with more people.

What stops me from talking in a forum is the inner fear. And I realized Fears are just in our minds. FEAR is a choice. I overcome fear with 3 Mantras, which are:

  1. Face your past without regret
  2. Handle your present with confidence
  3. Prepare for the future without fear

How I changed my weakness into Strengths

Personally, I think there is no need to earmark any sort of behavior or acts as weakness. But we can put it as a sphere of Development. The best way to Overcome the weakness is “Face IT, Ignore IT and Learn from IT…”.

I pushed myself to be part of all initiatives, took up the roles for which I am scared, initiated the conversations, and was always on an edge. Every month, I set SMART goals on my communication skills and public speaking. At the end of completing every goal, it felt great and comforting. The spike in the level of confidence was astounding.

All of us are different and have different priorities at every stage of our life. Every day we manage to handle multiple emotions. Sometimes it’s insane rather it’s flourishing. Incessantly we focus on the gap and weakness.

But what matters most is YOU. To me floundering and experiencing weakness is important to reach the goals. Thriving hard never means beating up ourselves at all times, but smart play in the process.




Yoga Lakshmi

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